Pitch for KuggaDuke

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Company / App Name: KuggaDuke


Twitter – kuggaduke

What does it do?

Kuggaduke is a professionals networking websites, where members create value together. Creators can start a guild, share in the forum, attract fans to join your guild, and receive the application fee.

Why do we need it?

what KuggaDuke can provide you
1. Develop your personal brand and paid column
2. Maintain relationships with fans
3. Get a reasonably stable salary to diversify your sources of money

Who is it for?

KuggaDuke is dedicated to assisting creators in generating income.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Co-creation with the community:
1. There will be forum participants lowering the creative threshold for creators.
2. 30% of the money earned by guild members will be credited to all guild members.

What’s next?

Four possibilities exist for guild members to profit from the guild:
Others spend money to have guild members write recommendations.
DM with guild members must be paid for by outsiders.
To join the guild, outsiders must pay application fee

Link to Company / App Demo video