Pitch for Kindling Collector

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Company / App Name: Kindling Collector


Twitter – @KindlingCollec

What does it do?

This new tool is designed to help collect kindling efficiently, safely and simply.
1. Simply wrap your log with its two elastic steel bands.
2. Split the wood with an axe
3. Carry the bundle away by the handle

Why do we need it?

No more restacking wood.
No more flying kindling.
No gathering wood in a bundle when you’re done.
No more risking hands and fingers balancing kindling and releasing just before the axe hits.

Who is it for?

This is designed for men who use log burners, braziers, pizza ovens or campfires. Anybody who cuts their own kindling needs one of these to make firewood splitting fast, simple and safe.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

This is one of a kind, patent pending. First of its kind, unique and ingenious invention in a stone aged industry.

What’s next?

Kickstarter launch is live at the moment.
I need more exposure and marketing to get this into the millions of homes worldwide that still use wood fires.

Link to Company / App Demo video