Pitch for Keeping


Company / App Name: Keeping

Twitter – @keepingcom

What does it do?

Keeping turns your Google Workspace or Gmail into a fully featured help desk.

Keeping syncs your support mailbox with your team, where you can assign, prioritize, and discuss customer support email without ever leaving Gmail.

Why do we need it?

Keeping brings your customer support email into your Gmail, because who wants another inbox to manage? If you are using Google Groups or sharing an inbox to manage customer support, then you know how customer support email gets missed.

Who is it for?

We built Keeping for busy teams who need to collaborate on customer support but don’t need all the complexity, costs, and hassle of a tool like Zendesk.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Keeping is the only customer support help desk built on top of Gmail, where over 2 billion users spend much of their day.

What’s next?

We’re launching a mobile friendly UI, so you can access your customer support tickets from your iPhone or Android device.

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