Pitch for Kasm Workspaces

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Company / App Name: Kasm Workspaces


Twitter – @kasmweb

What does it do?

Kasm Workspaces is a container streaming platform for delivering browser, desktop and application workloads to the web browser.

Why do we need it?

The Workspaces platform provides enterprise-class orchestration, data loss prevention, and web streaming technology to enable the delivery of containerized workloads to your browser.

Who is it for?

Kasm Workspaces was developed by a team of cybersecurity experts to meet the most demanding secure collaboration and remote workforce requirements of the US Government, but is now available to companies of all sizes and industries.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our solution makes use of the latest technology in container orchestration, browser rendering technology and devops pipelines to establish an architecture that is highly efficient, scalable and customizable.

What’s next?

Through our Enterprise Integrations and Partnerships the Kasm Workspaces platform is being used to power SaaS platforms throughout the Commercial and Federal industry.

Link to Company / App Demo video