Pitch for Jumbles

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Company / App Name: Jumbles

Twitter – @JumblesFoods

What does it do?

Robotic Buffet – Creating and advancing the machinery required to dispense full restaurant-quality courses in the convenience of unmanned, autonomous, 24/7 vending machines.

We’ll make the machines and franchise the business out, globally.

Why do we need it?

Healthy fast food, like salads, as well as many other foods, will be available nearby and with quick access. This will empower people to eat better without having to wash, slice, dice and clean up every single time they get hungry.

Who is it for?

All people, especially those with a busy life, those wanting to eat better foods, those wanting to lose weight, those wanting to reverse diabetes through a healthier diet, and so forth.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Dispenses behind glass – no covid spreading. Autonomous, operating 24/7 with routine servicing at various points in the day. Works in conjunction with you phone to let you order before you arrive. Can literally be placed anywhere.

What’s next?

Perfecting our prototype for service is just about complete, and then we ensure our app is bug-free, and get franchise owners and train them to run one or more locations, choosing hot spots that would agree to terms for hosting a machine.

Link to Company / App Demo video