Pitch for inquireaboutme (i.am)


Company / App Name: inquireaboutme (i.am)

Twitter – inquireaboutme @inquireabout

What does it do?

What Do Your References Say About You?

inquireaboutme (i.am), is a free way to share your professional and personal references, by letting people speak on your behalf as a form of review.

Why do we need it?

inquireaboutme eliminates the fear of what a reference may say about a person, employer, university, or organization. It allows those that require references, to actually see and hear the person providing the reference.

Who is it for?

• Employee Prospects
• Student Prospects
• Sport Athletes
• Employers
• Universities
• Organizations

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

inquireaboutme focuses on those that require references (Employers, Universities, and Organizations), and those that submit references (Employee/Student Prospects and Sport athletes).

What’s next?

• Completion of the app for iOS (Apple)
• Video Chat Room feature
• Traction
• Scaling

Link to Company / App Demo video