Pitch for Homeric Technologies

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Company / App Name: Homeric Technologies


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What does it do?

We provide AI powered virtual coaching to empower product development teams so they can reach their full potential, deliver more business value and feel accomplished. It’s like a having a 1-1 virtual product coach for teams.

Why do we need it?

3 out of 4 tech companies struggle to:
– Stay innovative
– Deliver their products on time/budget
– Retain their talents
These problems are mainly related to the proper functioning of the product teams and to the lack of team empowerment.

Who is it for?

Product teams & leaders.
Our platform collects “collaboration data” from tools used by product teams everyday (Jira, Github, Figma…) and turns it into insights & action plans to help product teams improve their practices on a daily basis.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Homeric offers a cost efficient way for organizations to become more product centric. With our data powered coaching approach, we help teams shift their mindset from “shipping features” to “solving users’ problems”.

What’s next?

The more teams we help, the more data we can leverage to reinforce the accuracy of our AI engine, to continuously improve the efficiency of our coaching approach. We envision a world where all teams can perform at their full potential.