Pitch for Himalayas


Company / App Name: Himalayas


Twitter – himalayasapp

What does it do?

Himalayas is the best place to find remote work and hire remote talent. We’re focused on providing an experience that has great UX, focused on speed and efficiency. We couldn’t find a remote job board we loved, so we’re building one.

Why do we need it?

COVID-19 has caused a permanent shift towards remote work. Twitter and Square have said that staff can work remotely permanently. Today’s companies are global from day one, customers are spread across the globe, so why aren’t employees?

Who is it for?

Himalayas is for anyone who wants to work remotely whether that be from their house, a coffee shop, cafe, coworking space, or as a digital nomad. As COVID-19 has shown us, working from home is often better than working from the office.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We’re focused on great UX, speed, and efficiency. The average job board looks like it hasn’t been updated in a decade. Our goal is to make the experience frictionless, simple, and fast.

What’s next?

We’re planning to build out job seeker accounts so you can build your remote work profile on Himalayas and have companies passively reach out to you if your skills match what they’re looking for.