Pitch for GuessBox

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Company / App Name: GuessBox

Twitter – guessboxapp

What does it do?

GuessBox combines outbound email with lead generation to provide a seamless solution for businesses looking for B2B lead information and a way to reach out in a highly targeted, highly personalized manner without spending too much time.

Why do we need it?

Outbound email if done right is the most cost effective, and highest converting customer acquisition strategy. By providing highly targeted lead information GuessBox reduces time
spent on acquiring and reaching out to leads.

Who is it for?

Any companies or sales team that sell products or services to other businesses and want a more efficient and cost effective way of acquiring clients and managing their sales process.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All contact information is verified in real-time so you can rest assured knowing the data you receive is fresh as of the day. GuessBox also has an email client designed specifically for outbound email which makes reaching out to leads easy!

What’s next?

One-click options for optimizing email delivery and engagement by automatically adding or removing sections that are proven to help or harm your campaigns based on your existing data.

Link to Company / App Demo video