Pitch for Grow Into, Grow Out

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Company / App Name: Grow Into, Grow Out


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What does it do?

The campaign plan is to create more consistent dimensions and improve my efficiency. My starting “Initial Goal” is to raise $1,000, which will barely cover the cost of a Cress test kiln $520, clay $240, glaze gallon $80, and Wax resist.

Why do we need it?

Since I don’t own a kiln yet, I travel to a Sacramento studio to fire small batches bi-weekly. For this project, I will create about 250 pieces. With a kiln at home, I will be able to better control temperatures when firing.

Who is it for?

The purpose of this project is to create beautifully handcrafted art while I practice and learning kiln firing. My backers will receive my pieces that are inspired by the beauty of nature.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

After moving from Louisiana back in 2015, where I began my ceramics journey learning the fundamentals of pottery. I am a new stay-at-home Mom with plenty of experience with trial and error. More recently, I’ve been living in California.

What’s next?

My long-term plan is to own a studio space where I will continue to create—and visitors can watch and shop to their heart’s content.This project is important to me because I love the challenges along the process and I want to share art.

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