Pitch for Goboxi

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Company / App Name: Goboxi

Twitter – goboxi

What does it do?

Goboxi is productivity software designed for the future. The days of managing tasks, emails & social media across multiple inboxes 7 platforms are over! Seize your day by using Goboxi: a management & collaboration hub for your digital life.

Why do we need it?

Communication is rarely just over email or just social – the edges are starting to blur. Also, hashtags are used to sync conversations over email and social. It will change the way you work!

Who is it for?

Busy professionals, project managers, individuals with both a professional and social life looking to save time for #whatmatters.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Task automation means Goboxi creates task lists and checks items off those lists! In addition, #hashtags group conversations over multiple channels into one unified view.

What’s next?

We have just opened up beta signups to the public – next step: beta release!

Pitch Video