Pitch for Gigzoe


Company / App Name: Gigzoe


What does it do?

Gigzoe helps Small Businesses book digital services with curated Freelancers & Service Professionals with 100% assurance.

Gigzoe is India’s Most Trusted Business Services Platform and Freelance Marketplace.

Why do we need it?

Small Businesses finds it frustrating and time consuming to find freelancers with right skill set and get work done without any payment and delivery conflicts. Further, they don’t easily trust and are not assured while hiring a freelancer.

Who is it for?

Being a Marketplace, Gigzoe serves two set of users.

1. Small & Medium Sized Businesses looking for services for their business

2. Freelancers, Agencies and Service Professionals looking to get business opportunities

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Gigzoe’s curated network of Freelancers & Service Experts, 100% Refund Protection, Payment as per Milestones, Deadlines & Service Delivery Tracking, Automated Service Workflows, Ecommerce like Service SKUs with defined packages, fixed time,

What’s next?

– Moderated Community of Freelancers and Small Businesses
– Creating Invoicing and Work Management Tools for Freelancers
– Creating Digital Catalogs for Small Businesses