Pitch for Geo Whizz

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Company / App Name: Geo Whizz

Twitter – Geowhizzapp

What does it do?

Geo Whizz is a fun, fresh and free quiz. Very well researched. You can test your knowledge of the world’s flags, capitals, maps, currencies, lakes, rivers, peaks and more. It has a clean and intuitive interface with addictive challenges.

Why do we need it?

Unlike the many other apps in this genre, it’s up-to-date from 2021, you can test yourself on all the countries in the world and even learn geography one country at a time. Geo Whizz is a great educational tool too.

Who is it for?

Everyone can play and learn. It’s fun and educational for the whole family.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Beautifully presented, simple interface. Move swiftly through whatever game length you wish (eg 20 countries or the whole lot at once). It’s very well researched and up-to-date. Refreshing to play a well thought out app.

What’s next?

We will develop Geo Whizz for Android devices also.

Link to Company / App Demo video