Pitch for Fuji Computer AL0


Company / App Name: Fuji Computer AL0


What does it do?

AL0 is an application launcher designed to turn your smartphone into an essential tool.

Why do we need it?

Apps and notifications can be annoying, AL0 replaces your smartphone’s functionality and user interface filtering out unwanted distractions.

Who is it for?

AL0 is designed for independent people who wants the smartphone to be a productivity tool, not a distraction hub.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

AL0 include a custom implementation of the essential phone’s tools – call, sms, calendar, clock, camera – accessible through a textual black and white interface. Using AL0’s “Focus mode” external apps and notifications are inaccessible.

What’s next?

AL0 is a light-weight system designed to support Android down to version 6. Don’t waste money on a brand-new feature phone. Run AL0 on your old smartphone, the environment and your wallet will benefit.

Link to Company / App Demo video