Pitch for Folocard

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Company / App Name: Folocard


Twitter – folocard

What does it do?

Meet someone and sends follow up email.
Scan a business card (or use fullscreen form) <= get the email
Draft email is ready in your native email mobile app.
Use unlimited email templates.
Get ~10% 1st day response!

Why do we need it?

Business cards are social contracts: CONTACT ME!
Yet 88% of business cards are trashed.
We invest in building business relationships, yet we don’t follow up, then re-meet the same company/person sometime later to find out there is an opp

Who is it for?

Executives, Sales, BizDev, Field Marketing, Real-Estate agents, etc..
Anyone who does significant in-person meetings. Conference, meetups, meetings, travel

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Category defining product: not a CRM, not a business card scanner. It’s a follow up app.
Works offline (shoddy conf network reception). Unlimited scans and email templates. Advanced automation via Zapier.

What’s next?

AI generated email templates / personalization.

Link to Company / App Demo video