Pitch for Flashsafe

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Company / App Name: Flashsafe

Twitter – flashsafe

What does it do?

Smart PKI token for save and share your Big Data in your own cloud

Why do we need it?

You might think that you are looking at an ordinary flash drive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Never before did users have a data storage device so simple and so safe at the same time. Through your personal Flashsafe, you get

Who is it for?

For all flash drive and cloud storage users

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s very simple: you don’t need to sign up and enter your login/password, you don’t even need a web browser! Now you can store and share files of any size anonymously and safely. Flashsafe is a product with no match on the market.

What’s next?

We will issue regular updates, publish API for developers, launch our own applications store, introduce authorization to popular sites and will expand its functionality.

Link to Company / App Demo video