Pitch for Fitnesses

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Company / App Name: Fitnesses

Twitter – https://twitter.com/fitnessesapp

What does it do?

Shows people how much of the desired food in a meal to eat to reach their goal(You can be fit eating a cake)
Creates workouts with any equipment or at the gym
Guided workouts with recommended resistance and videos
Changes user’s habits

Why do we need it?

This is the only app that calculates in real-time how much you should eat.
Pick pizza and snickers, and the app shows the amount of each to achieve the desired shape without eliminating food from the diet
Always have workout made for you

Who is it for?

Those who want to:
Be fit
Eat anything and reach desired shape
Improve habits
Have clear instructions with videos and recommended resistance
Have affordable trainer and nutritionist
Boost personal growth

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Algorithms that :
Adjust the weight resistance for strength workouts like the real trainer
Create workouts with selected equipment
Calculate real-time meal nutrition and recommend the amount to reach the goal without eliminating foods.

What’s next?

1) Decrease the living costs of users by partnering with supermarkets and bookstores. Users will trade in-app points for discounts to eventually return invested money.

2)Create an education feature to stimulate learning and reward it

Link to Company / App Demo video