Pitch for Fetch – Remastered

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Company / App Name: Fetch – Remastered

Twitter – @masse_brian

What does it do?

This app redefines and reimagines the simple but widely loved game of fetch! Including things such as currency progressions, map exploration and many cosmetics for both the dogs and the ball!

Why do we need it?

The app is simple, however the exploration-based nature of it encourages casual but consistent gameplay. Any in between time can be filled by playing this app, as it involves no serious time commitment to make progress and feel rewarded!

Who is it for?

This game is for anyone looking for a simple and enjoyable game. Though its simplicity reflects that of a children’s game, anyone can enjoy the art and progression of the game!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

After some research we found very little games focus on offering reimagined takes on loved activities. This game, with its punchy art, carefully crafted gameplay will offer those who love playing with their dogs a new and fun experience!

What’s next?

In the coming months, as the developer I would love to add more cosmetics and expand the app, effectively increasing the length of the game, while also offering more meaningful content to the game.

Link to Company / App Demo video