Pitch for Fair Einkaufen

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Company / App Name: Fair Einkaufen


Twitter – @Fair_Einkaufen

What does it do?

Fair Einkaufen is an online store for organic and fair traded products like coffee and tea, chocolate and snacks, spices and present boxes.

Why do we need it?

Organic and fair trade products offer a valuable alternative to traditional food offers and support small scale producers from poorer countries in order to improve their life and working conditions.

Who is it for?

Organic and fairtrade products are offered to customers who value high quality products. Furthermore these products enable consumers to focus on social responsibility by supporting small scale farmer to improve their working conditions.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Fair Einkaufen offers a large variety of organic and fair trade products from many different suppliers and manufacturers. The very special offer are customized presents for consumers and companies with individual needs.

What’s next?

Next step for Fair Einkaufen is to improve the brand awareness of the company in order step out of the current niche market.