Pitch for Eleven Puzzles


Company / App Name: Eleven Puzzles

Twitter – https://twitter.com/elevenpuzzles

What does it do?

Online escape room with players using separate browsers. Puzzles are designed to encourage cooperation and communication. The game is designed to appeal to users of all skill levels and often is played as a team-building exercise.

Why do we need it?

Remote work is on the rise, thus online team-building exercises are more than welcome. Our game was designed to encourage heavy cooperation and is a perfect way to bring remote teams together.

Who is it for?

It’s for remote teams, escape room enthusiast or anyone that likes to solve cooperative puzzles.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike most online escape rooms, our is built around cooperation, interactivity, and communication. It’s designed to be played by minimum of 2 players and it’s absolutely necessary for players to work together.

What’s next?

We’re building another game to expand our portfolio. Additionally, we’re looking into expansion to other platforms.

Link to Company / App Demo video