Pitch for Effie


Company / App Name: Effie


Twitter – EffiePro

What does it do?

Effie is a light, clean, yet powerful markup-based writing and mind-mapping software for Windows, Mac and iOS. It’s flexible for many occasions: note-taking, brainstorming, list-making, committed, long-time writing, and many more.

Why do we need it?

Effie makes your ideas happen within seconds. It unblocks your creativity and productivity with lists and mind maps so that you can turn your writing into what you wanted. It works on all your devices. You can write anywhere, anytime.

Who is it for?

Writers: whether you’re a blog writer, novelist, or screenplay writer, Effie helps to speed up your writing.
Students: with lists and mind maps, it’s easier to take notes on Effie.
Anyone with inspirations and new ideas.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

In Effie, you don’t need to manage your file. All your work is synced across all your devices.
Just one click or tap and you’ve switched from a list to a mind map, or vice versa. Any edits on the list will sync with those on the mind map

What’s next?

We have plans to add many more new features next year, such as adding the support for images, upgrading the current editor and our mind map feature, also more updates on the editor themes.

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