Pitch for EasyBusy


Company / App Name: EasyBusy

Twitter – easybusydo

What does it do?

EasyBusy strives to be the one app for all individual task and project management and note-taking needs. It offers flexibility in adding and organizing tasks and projects while keeping operations within a simple workflow.

Why do we need it?

If you’re unhappy with your current task and project management software, you think that it’s too opinionated and force you to do things how it wants, not how you want, EasyBusy is the answer.

Who is it for?

People who want to capture and organize their ideas, tasks and projects, and make it easy what to work on in the any given time.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our mission is to build a task management app that is friendly, easy, and fast to use and is build for people based on what people want. We want to build a community-driven app

What’s next?

– Build and launch an Android application.
– New premium feature: share contexts (and tasks, projects, and other content within them) with other people of your choice, like friends and family.
– Translate the app into more languages

Link to Company / App Demo video