Pitch for Ducklingsales


Company / App Name: Ducklingsales

Twitter – @ducklingsales

What does it do?

DucklingSales is a software that helps to create and execute decision trees

Why do we need it?

Which types of problems can be solved by the decision tree? Value of the decision tree: expert staff cost minimization, process automation, minimization of computation errors, factor consolidation in a single repository, transparent decision

Who is it for?

Key accounts/customers: B2B segment (call centers, manufacturing companies, insurance companies, banks, government, technical support, etc.)

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The main intention behind it was that all competitors cost A LOT of money. Basically, everyone in the niche sells decision trees for 25 per user, which is crazy for small businesses. We tackled the problem by building more cheapest software

What’s next?

let people know about the product. Implement artificial intelligence for the decision forest