Pitch for Dividend UK

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Company / App Name: Dividend UK


What does it do?

Stock Dividend is a stock tool that filters the entire stock market and identifies those stocks showing the best dividend.
user’s will be able to make more informed decisions about when to buy, hold, sell a stock using price alert/watchlist

Why do we need it?

This application is specifically designed who want to know more about which stock providing the best dividend. And it has charts and analytics, that’ll help the user to find better stocks from the stock market.

Who is it for?

If anyone is interested in investment In the stock market. This application is the best place to start learn about market and stock information

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most of the applications right now in the AppStore not providing detailed information about dividend stocks. Through this mobile application, we try to fill that gap.

What’s next?

If anyone interested to test our new feature before we released it to Appstore just contacts using though this mail-id <a href=”mailto:iappscrazy@gmail.com”>iappscrazy@gmail.com</a>

Link to Company / App Demo video