Pitch for Descent | Cloud(less)


Company / App Name: Descent | Cloud(less)

Twitter – @DescentCloud

What does it do?

Decent cloud(less) peer-to-peer file transfer service removes all privacy concerns while sharing files of any size, zero bandwidth limitations on any devices, or platforms.

Why do we need it?

Every day more and more privacy concerns emerge Silicon Valley and this just the first step from moving away from such fears.

Who is it for?

This application or rather a service is for anyone from IT to Grand Mom. It is easy to use and reassures them that the privacy of their files is intact. Students, professionals, and creatives will all benefit from Decent Cloud.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike all other file transfer or file share platforms, we are cloudless. This prevents all 3rd party snooping around your data while providing 256 Bit SSL end-to-end encryption, no throttling, and no size limitations.

What’s next?

The ability to transfer multiple lossless files at once while providing the same security as well as background capabilities and native support.

Link to Company / App Demo video