Pitch for Daily Time Tracking


Company / App Name: Daily Time Tracking

Twitter – dailytimeapp

What does it do?

Daily shows what you have been working on and for how long. It creates accurate timesheets by asking what you are doing, so no more timers, switching tasks or taking notes.

Why do we need it?

Use Daily’s accurate timesheets to submit your hours, create better invoices not missing any work or simply increase your productivity.

Who is it for?

Employees, freelancers, founders and other professionals who benefit from tracking their time.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Typical time trackers work by requiring their users to toggle timers or switch tasks all the time. Many users forget to do this, making resulting timesheets less accurate. Daily solves this issue by asking what you are working on.

What’s next?

Introducing new features making Daily even more valuable to its users. Potentially we will start introducing Daily to other platforms such as iOS and Windows.

Link to Company / App Demo video