Pitch for Cuttles

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Company / App Name : Cuttles


What does it do?

Cuttles is a fully interactive and guided pitch and business plan software that helps entrepreneurs build, understand and grow their business.

Why do we need it?

Our web app has all the features and in-app guides you need to create a startup pitch, write a business plan, define a startup team, do budgets and financial projections. It’s simpler, faster and more impactful than ever to start a business

Who is it for?

For founders, serial entrepreneurs, and investors that want to collaborate, build and grow multiple startups. Our vision is to inspire, motivate & grow all early-stage startups and ideas in the world.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We’re not just an app. We want to train, inspire and empower startups to create more game changing solutions. We aim to develop innovative digital tools and content to help researching your idea as simple, fun and impactful as possible.

What’s next?

We are on a mission is to empower dreamers and entrepreneurs worldwide by simplifying the way we build and plan startup businesses through digital technology, digital support, and digital education.