Pitch for CryptoMood


Company / App Name: CryptoMood

Twitter – https://twitter.com/cryptomood

What does it do?

CryptoMood helps to:
Detect the direction in which the crypto market will move.
Identifying whether market sentiment is strong or weak.
Exposing a possible reversal of the crypto market.
Deciding to trade, hold position or exit position.

Why do we need it?

It helps show sentiment when trading crypto by measuring the positivity or negativity of news. If recent news has been bullish and traders are seeing an upward swing, chances are good that the trend will continue.

Who is it for?

Traders (both Retail and Institutional), Exchanges and Brokerages

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The only software to reliably combine: Social Media
Listening, Crypto News Aggregation and Whale Transactions Alerts

What’s next?

Improved analysis with more data inputs.

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