Pitch for Crowdsourced Testing

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Company / App Name: Crowdsourced Testing

Twitter – crowdsourcingqa

What does it do?

Crowdsourced Testing connects web and software development companies with professional software testers from around the world available on short notice to test their interactive projects on a large number of different platforms and devices.

Why do we need it?

Software testing needs are variable and sporadic. Close to launch, you need a lot of testers to help you launch a perfect app, while in the initial phases of development it wouldn’t make sense to have testers on staff.

Who is it for?

Companies specialized in web and software development.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are the only crowdsourced testing community that offers instant services – you can request a test, any time of day, and our testers get to work within minutes. Plus, our rates are extremely affordable!

What’s next?

We’ve recently launched Damn Bugs, a free hosted bug tracking software. Our objective is to cover 360 degrees of software testing, with great services and tools. We want to partner with the millions of development companies worldwide.

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