Pitch for Commoditystats

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Company / App Name: Commoditystats


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What does it do?

We provide on-demand commodity prices and trade insights of 6.700+ commodities within 21 categories.

Why do we need it?

In the current market, it is economically important to follow the highly volatile commodity prices. However, finding commodity prices and statistics is a difficult and expensive process. We are making it easy and affordable.

Who is it for?

Our tool is there for everyone who is interested in commodity prices and statistics. Whether you are a buyer at a small company or multinational. Or if you are researching raw material development of a specific raw material.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We have good coverage of raw materials through our extensive databases and we offer it conveniently and affordably in our web application.

What’s next?

We are scaling up with new databases and functionalities in the tool. With this, we optimize the dataset and make the tool even more useful. And all this without making it less easy to use.