Pitch for CodeSee Maps

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Company / App Name: CodeSee Maps


Twitter – @CodeSeeio

What does it do?

Maps are auto-generated, self-updating code diagrams. They sync your codebase as code evolves. With features to help you understand how files and folders are connected, see how code changes fit into the larger architecture, and more.

Why do we need it?

Understanding codebases is hard. From onboarding new devs to taking on daily code reviews, navigating modern codebases sucks. And their complexity is only increasing. There’s a better way with CodeSee Maps.

Who is it for?

Developers and development teams seeking a solution to improve codebase onboarding, planning, and code reviews.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

CodeSee Maps is the first solution in market designed for developers, by developers to improve end-to-end codebase understanding.

What’s next?

We’d love your feedback on CodeSee Maps. With your guidance, we can design Maps to meet your unique code-based interests and needs.

Link to Company / App Demo video