Pitch for CocoFax


Company / App Name: CocoFax

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What does it do?

CocoFax is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant fax solution to cross-platform sending and receiving faxes securely and reliably.

Why do we need it?

1. Eliminate the need for a fax out-of-date fax machine.
2. Secure cloud-encrypted faxes.
3. Be paperless, save the environment.
4. Less ink, less paper & no fax machine, save money.
5. Fast enough to save time.

Who is it for?

You will find CocoFax to be the fittest online fax system for all small-middle sized companies, healthcare & administrative management, and individual uses.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

A stable & fast user interface, perfectly secured archive, email-fax communicative solution, international coverage, and G Suite integration make CocoFax seamlessly integrated into any business and administration occasions.

What’s next?

Make CocoFax the icon of the online fax software.

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