Pitch for Cloud Cultivator


Company / App Name: Cloud Cultivator

Twitter – @CloudCultivator

What does it do?

Comprehensive SSL/TLS monitoring. We proactively monitor your SSL/TLS enabled domains to prevent expiry, misconfiguration, and insecure protocols. We watch and report any changes to your certificate or settings. Bootstrapped SaaS.

Why do we need it?

Don’t be embarrassed by an expired or insecure certificate. We help you avoid the emergency and downtime by alerting you when your certificates will expire at the period that you configure, whether that is eight days or six months away.

Who is it for?

Webmasters, WordPress Admins, Webdevs, Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Engineers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Instead of a good/bad result of a SSL check, it goes deep to analyze all the important configuration and expiry settings on your cert.

What’s next?

Marketing of the site to help others discover it.