Pitch for ClickDesk

Company / App Name: ClickDesk

Twitter – 2desk

What does it do?

ClickDesk provides live support chat service for websites. It offers live chat integration with gtalk and skype. It also got built in feature for users to make voice calls to the chat operators. Facebook, twitter and linked tabs integrated.

Why do we need it?

Customer support is the #1 driving factor in success of any business. Live support chat helps immensely to improve the sale conversions in a website. ClickDesk is simple, easy to setup with zero installation and is the fastest way for user.

Who is it for?

ClickDesk is the right choice for any one looking for a live chat support solution on their website to interact with their prospective customers. For web hosting providers, ecommerce biz owners, designers, copywriters, freelancers..

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– Chat with your website visitors through gtalk and skype.
– Robust, secure and fully on the cloud service.
– Zero installations and minimal setup.
– Built in ‘call’ functionality.
– Integrated social platform buttons.

What’s next?

– More customization options for users to build custom looking widgets.
– Plugins
– Developer API
– Integration of more IMs in addition to current gtalk and Skype