Pitch for Clava


Company / App Name: Clava


Twitter – @Clava_App_

What does it do?

Clava is helping Creators monetize while creating Live content. Creators can go Live in Clava like they would on Instagram/TikTok but instead they make money per minute from each viewer in their Live.

Why do we need it?

Current platforms aren’t helping the small/medium sized creators earn. Creators are forced to hit platform guidelines before they start earning and then they have to put in hours of work in order to see an ROI, Clava has zero restrictions.

Who is it for?

It’s for Creators who create content through Live Stream. We’ve had Magicians host Magic shows & lessons, Chefs host cooking classes, etc. We’re looking to branch into the gaming space next.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s simple… our business model. When a Creator gets ONE viewer in their Live they start earning. Not to mention the Creators earn a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

What’s next?

We’re adding a feature called Memories which allows Creators to upload a video from their Camera roll or turn their Live into a recording aka Memory. Users can now absorb content as many times as they want. Creators can now earn passively.

Link to Company / App Demo video