Pitch for ChromeStats


Company / App Name: ChromeStats


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What does it do?

ChromeStats provides purpose-driven data and insights on various Chrome Extensions. Through comprehensive diagnostics, ChromeStats empowers users make educated decisions on an extension’s safety, performance, rank, and value.

Why do we need it?

Regular users need the convenience of browser extensions, but do not know which ones are really safe to install. One malicious extension can lead to leaking proprietary secrets. ChromeStats provides insights into Chrome extension safety.

Who is it for?

We help users and organizations get back in controls by giving everyone more insights into the risk factors associated with each extension, allowing them to quickly identify high risk extensions at a glance.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

While the anti-virus market is already very crowded, none of them really address the security vulnerability in Browser extensions today.
We would be one of the first player in this field.

What’s next?

Coming up next, we are building on a Protection Suite to help users visualize all extensions that they have installed across all their devices, highlighting those with high risks, and notifying users as needed.