Pitch for Challengein

Company / App Name: Challengein

Twitter – Challengein

What does it do?

Challengein is the board game of the location-based era.
Challengein brings different board games, funny jokes and stupid challenges into one app for iPhone.
Playing you’ll earn badges to collect and coupons to use.

Why do we need it?

Challengein will be the board game of the modern age. We’re going to disrupt the board game industry. We’ve great growth trend and we’ll reach our objective.

Who is it for?

By now US people between 16 to 30 years old, with an iPhone.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We want the phone as a tool to let you have fun and laugh with your friends. We don’t want that the phone is a console, like usual games.

What’s next?

Included, there’s also the Technology/Startup theme pack to play with!
5 stars on App Store (previous release)
Press pack http://ge.tt/3Ap4zMe (contain also our story)

Pitch Video