Pitch for CentiPenny


Company / App Name: CentiPenny

Twitter – @CentiPenny

What does it do?

CentiPenny is a micropayment processor designed for ease of use by both businesses and end users. It can process transactions as small as $0.0001 without using cryptocurrencies.

Why do we need it?

CentiPenny doesn’t have transaction fees, so businesses can charge less than $1 without losing significant amounts to CC transaction fees. We are cheaper than traditional CC processors up to $2.50.

Who is it for?

Publishers and content creators as a paywall replacement for ad revenues.

Fast checkout for low-cost digital stores or other purchases (apps, downloads, etc)

Game/App developers for In-game/in-app transactions

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Businesses can integrate our API with as little as one line of code and can even run an online store with as little as 7 lines of code.

Users get very fast 1-click and no-click purchasing.

What’s next?

We will continue to add to our services to make things easier for both businesses and users with additional APIs and an app and we will be building out a referral and partner program.

Link to Company / App Demo video