Pitch for Cash Coach


Company / App Name: Cash Coach

Twitter – @cashcoachai

What does it do?

Cash Coach is the UK’s first gamified saving app where you can aggregate all your accounts, set saving goals and level-up your avatar when you save.

Why do we need it?

Society doesn’t reward good financial habits, but Cash Coach does.

Who is it for?

For modern millennials looking for a more effective and fun way to track their finances thanks to Open Banking.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Saving money is boring, but Cash Coach makes it fun. Cash Coach’s personality will change depending on your spending habits.

What’s next?

We are looking to introduce in-game coins which can be used to purchase avatar equipment. These coins can be earned when you save in real-life. Besides that we are looking to implement net worth tracking and pension fund aggregation.

Link to Company / App Demo video