Pitch for Capture Ace


Company / App Name: Capture Ace

Twitter – codingpropak

What does it do?

Capture Ace is a web-based, completely online screen recording software. This software can be used to record any kind of activity performed on the computer screen without downloading heavy software. Capture Ace is 100% secure to use

Why do we need it?

Most free available apps come with watermarks, records low resolutions, and do not support all major desktop browsers whereas Capture Ace works on all (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Yandex) without watermarks and in high res. @ 60 FPS

Who is it for?

Capture Ace can be used by anyone who loves to record and share their computer screens.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Capture Ace works on all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Yandex). It records in high resolutions at 60 frames per second without having a watermark overlay.

What’s next?

Capture Ace is trying to get traffic and in the future will introduce paid version monthly, which will remove the time limitations, currently, it’s 10 minutes for free use.