Pitch for Bublup


Company / App Name: Bublup

Twitter – @bublup

What does it do?

Bublup is the one place you can save anything you want – store links, files, photos, GIFs, documents, notes, and more in this visual cloud storage app that makes saving anything you want available in one click (& it is super pretty!)

Why do we need it?

Now there is finally an app to save anything you want in one place. No more hunting through emails, texts, google, and more to find the thing you are looking for. Simply save it in Bublup, add a description and photo, & never lose it again.

Who is it for?

Bublup is for everyone! If you have a project, passion, curiosity, or topic that needs to be stored, saved, bookmarked, or tucked away & you love the file storage of Dropbox and the prettiness of Pinterest, then Bublup is the app for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Imagine if a boring blue folder could become a beautiful place to save anything you want, if you could take those items & wrap them up in a single link you can share with anyone, & if you could do it all right from your phone. Enter Bublup.

What’s next?

We are currently working on a larger corporate offering where teams could function within our ecosystem with ease. We want to be the app you use at work and when you are at home as well as with your friends and with your colleagues.

Link to Company / App Demo video