Pitch for BounceSMS


Company / App Name: BounceSMS

Twitter – @bouncesms

What does it do?

BounceSMS is text messaging and chat app. It will allow you to send a text to any mobile phone in the world free. Also we have a real people chat that is currently being beta tested by our users. Bounce will soon become a game changer.

Why do we need it?

When Bounce is finished it will be a full fledged messaging app with a twist. I am not going to divulge what all the capabilities will be as there are many original ideas.

Who is it for?

A messaging app that will connect everyone for a purpose for more than just communications, more like a community where everything is done in the app. Everything we do daily is about a 5-10 radius from us. Put all that in an app.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Features that have NEVER been seen. Can’t list them until the have been developed tested and released for beta.

What’s next?

Taking over the world one user at a time.

Link to Company / App Demo video