Pitch for Book.green

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Company / App Name: Book.green


Twitter – @BookGreenOnly

What does it do?

Book.green finds the best flights and presents them in a unique and clear UI. Carbon footprint is highlighted, but all other criteria can be filtered and sorted lightning fast too. Many other useful features to choose the best flight.

Why do we need it?

Unique presentation of available flights and very precise carbon footprint calculation is hard to find at other flight search engines.

Who is it for?

Anyone booking a flight ticket. Preferably with an interest in ecology, but anyone can benefit from the clean and fast UI.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

• Very precise CO₂ emissions calculation (taking many aspects into account).
• Unique simple, clean and fast UI.
• Useful information about airports (transfers), airlines and airplanes.

What’s next?

Book.green was just released to the public, collecting feedback now and many new features planned.

Link to Company / App Demo video