Pitch for blixel

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Company / App Name: blixel


Twitter – https://twitter.com/blixelmedia

What does it do?

blixel is an online marketplace for socially-diverse stock media powered by a global community of creators from underrepresented groups- creators of color, creators with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ creators.

Why do we need it?

Despite the vastness of the Internet, finding socially-diverse stock media often turns into hours of Googling. blixel is on a mission to address this problem head-on. blixel features ethnically diverse and socially-diverse stock media.

Who is it for?

Customers range from the casual user who needs an image for a work presentation to marketers who need the perfect footage for an ad and creators who need stock media for their short film. Essentially, anyone who needs stock media.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

blixel is pioneering representation in stock media and provides a platform for creators. Creators’ content is featured on their personalized store on the marketplace and their content’s copyright is protected through blockchain technology.

What’s next?

blixel is launching a podcast and blog powered and curated by creators in the blixel community and aim to advance conversations on representation in media.