Pitch for bliss

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Company / App Name: bliss


Twitter – @realhungtang

What does it do?

bliss is an all-in-one productivity tool you can use to manage your life.

Why do we need it?

life is chaotic. so many tools for so many different things. Gsheets for budgeting, Notion for project management, and Evernote for tracking. bliss solves all of that–have your life live in a single, cohesive home.

Who is it for?

bliss is for young adult that needs help organizing their life. bliss is for the person who’s super organized, who loves data and metrics. bliss is for those that want to take the first step in their journey toward reaching their goals.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There currently aren’t any life-management oriented productivity software that encapsulates both routines and important life areas. Moreover, the simple UI/UX experience should be super easy to use and understand.

What’s next?

Building out more social functionality, creating the functionality to create and manage projects, adding the ability to build your own cards, and re-ordering cards on each page. Integrations with third party software as well!