Pitch for Benchmark App


Company / App Name: Benchmark App

Twitter – @appbenchmark

What does it do?

Benchmark App is a minimum-effective-dose business intelligence app made specifically for founders and creators. It helps you discover the biggest constraints in your business and take the right actions in the right order so that you can gr0w

Why do we need it?

Founders and creators want to contribute to the world. The way you do that is through your products and your services and your art. The more you grow your business, the more you can contribute.


Who is it for?

– Founders,
– Creators,
– Small business owners,
– contractors,
– freelancers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Big companies spend six figures a year for data analysts. Businesses can spend thousands of dollars a day on expensive consultants to look into their business and tell them what they need to do. And other apps can cost hundreds or thousands

What’s next?

The Benchmark App is built by founders and creators for founders and creators. The app will always serve the solo founder and small business owner, and the product roadmap is dictated by people like you who use the app every day.

Link to Company / App Demo video