Pitch for Aurora Sleep Music


Company / App Name: Aurora Sleep Music


What does it do?

Aurora Sleep Music is a new app experience to help you ‘sleep your way’. Simple, easy to use with no sign up, you’ll find a unique collection of relaxation and sleep music compositions that you control. Get ready for some music therapy.

Why do we need it?

1 in 3 people globally suffer some level of sleep deprivation. Poor sleep patterns can create far greater levels of harm than feeling grumpy. Long term sleep disorders can lead to extreme health complications.

Who is it for?

Do you feel like you’re feeling anxious or maybe not getting enough sleep? Then this could be for you. This is a broad demographic, but the feedback we have received has showed us the need for relaxation and better sleep touches us all.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Only sleep music app with real compositions, unique instruments that can be customised. No other app today provides World Music for relaxation and sleep.
First of its kind ASMR Music compositions.
Super simple to use, lots of free music.

What’s next?

We are bootstrapped, with limited funds so we are focussing on delighting the customers we have, and to build our roadmap based on user feedback.
We will cotinue to validate our product before seeking future investment.

Link to Company / App Demo video