Pitch for AromaPersona

Company / App Name: AromaPersona

Twitter – AromaPersona

What does it do?

AromaPersona is a new co-creation service for discovering and personalizing scented decor. Each month browse a new selection of scented decor product offerings. Choose your favorite when you are ready.

Why do we need it?

Ever go into a store looking for a new candle; only to be presented with a dull selection of scent and container options? We think that most people are tired of the same old vanilla scent and that is why we created Aromapersona.com

Who is it for?

Primary Demographic is females ages 26-65. But we encourage everyone to explore their sense of smell.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

AromaPersona is unique in that we continually offer new and exciting scents that are not available anywhere else.

What’s next?

AromaPersona is just starting out, but we have big plans! Watch for new additions to our product lines, and other features that make searching and discovering scents online a wonderful experience.

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