Pitch for Anylyze

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Company / App Name: Anylyze


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What does it do?

Anylyze brings a new way to process data on a phone. Helps user find answers from data right on a mobile phone. Summarize and pivot data, auto-join data on different tables, and much more.

Why do we need it?

When spreadsheets start expanding beyond a few rows and columns, it becomes difficult to keep track of the data. And when you lose track of the data, you lose track of the meaning behind it.

Who is it for?

Any person that works with data (Excel/ CSV files).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Easy to use, mobile focused, fast, works on lots of data.

What’s next?

We are gathering feedback right now, we’re looking forward to add more and more functionality to it like charts, graphs, and much more.

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