Pitch for Aite


Company / App Name: Aite


What does it do?

Notes+ is a smart application for saving data during work or everyday life, effectively in one place. Each note may contain text, pictures, videos and audios. Notes can be searched and easily shared. Notes are organized by weeks.

Why do we need it?

How many times did you try to find pictures, videos, audios, text on your phone, that you made before during your work? Gather all of them, send them to your mail or mail of your colleague? And it looked to you that you are losing time…

Who is it for?

Greatest use Notes+ can find in areas of engineering, real estate, tourism, etc. where workers visit many sites during their working process and from all of them they need to save different data.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All those data that can be inserted in note and in such an easy way is a rare possibility. It was made by a programmer which is also electrical engineer and it was made tailored to his needs during work process.

What’s next?

There will be lots of new functions in near future:
– to-do list with reminder
– group tag that can be added to each note for easy filtering
– voice input of text
We want to make the most powerful business notebook on the market.